Making your MacBook security foolproof

Secure-MacA lot of our dealings these days are built around the internet. As a user of a sophisticated device as a Mac book, you don’t want to experience any unnecessary breach of privacy. It’s natural to feel entitled to this security on a different level probably even more than other devices around can provide. Here are some of the best ways to ensure your mac is as secure as possible.

Enable firewall

  • It is straightforward. Under security and privacy on your mac,
  • Click on the firewall tab and enter the necessary details, basically username and password.
  • Click on the lock and turn on firewall respectively.
  • Immediately you have entered your name and password after clicking on the lock icon; you have the liberty of making any security changes also as it suits you.

Activate encryption

This is one of the super effective ways of protecting your mac device. Encryption is one of the ways of ensuring only you, and you alone have access to the files you encrypt. Well, except if of course, you let out your password to a trusted person. This function on MacBook is called the file vault. It is not enabled by default; you need to self-activate it. It encrypts any data you have on your disk. Here’s how to go about it, In the security and privacy option, select

  • File vault
  • input your login details
  • Turn on file vault

After these, you would have to choose whether you’ll use your iCloud account to access the encrypted data or create and an entirely new key. On selection of the option that suits you, you will have to restart your MacBook. The time it takes to come on depends on the amount of information that is being encrypted.

Create a strong password

 This is like the most basic in securing any device from external encroaching. Simple passwords could be more accessible to crack by people or even committed to memory after you have unlocked your mac in their presence. The solution to this is creating a strong, yet easily accessible password that you can easily remember. The process remains simple as the other processes under the security and privacy setting,

  • Click on general (unlock editing mode)
  • Click on change password
  • Enter the details required.
  • Just beside the new password text box, there is a literal image of a key. It helps you create a stronger password.

Other ways to ensure your laptop is secure includes de-activating automatic login, getting rid of the stand-alone flash player, enabling password manager and connecting to VPN on Mac.

You should ensure your mac book has at least one or many of these safety precautions active on it. Any breach into your privacy could be fatal. You should take proactive measures to guide against it. If it has happened before, it’s time to affect these security measures There’s no better way to be twice shy after being beat once.