Terms and Conditions

MacOutfitters Terms and Conditions of Sale

TERMS: Payment is due at time of delivery. Company checks accepted with credit approval. Corporate Net Terms are available with credit approval. Customer agrees to pay a FINANCE CHARGE of One and one half percent (1.5%) per month on all unpaid balances beyond payment terms. Charge for returned checks: $35.00.

Attorney’s Fees: Customer expressly agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees for the collection of a customer’s (Customer) past due accounts incurred by H2 Computers, Inc., d.b.a. MacOutfitters, hereinafter (“H2”).

Specially ordered merchandise may not be returned: Customer may inspect and return any NORMALLY STOCKED merchandise purchased at H2, within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date of purchase. At any time during this inspection period, Customer may return the merchandise for a refund provided that the merchandise is returned in perfect condition, with all accessories, power and connecting cables, and is complete with box, packing materials and manuals and a proof of purchase. H2 will refund the purchase price, or the current retail price, whichever is lower, minus a ten (10) percent restocking charge. H2 will deduct the retail price of any ink, toner cartridge or other expendable supply that was provided with the equipment and opened or used, in addition to the ten (10) percent restocking charge.

No returns of opened software accepted: H2 will replace or exchange for equivalent item any defective software, provided that Customer returns the software in its original packaging, complete with books, manuals and other accessories or parts.

Other returns not accepted: All earphones, headphones and other personal items are not returnable due to health reasons. Defective personal items will be exchanged for the exact same item only. iTunes and MacOutfitters Gift Cards may not be returned.

Refunds, as calculated in Return Policy above, will be refunded as follows: if the original purchase was made on a credit card, the refund must be made to the same account as the original purchase. If the original payment was cash, check, or debit card, the refund will be mailed to Customer by check from H2 within five (5) business days of return of merchandise.

Manufacturer’s Warranty, New Merchandise: New equipment is warranted by manufacturer’s warranties, if applicable. H2 expressly disclaims any implied warranty or any liability for incidental or consequential damages as a result of the use, or inability to use due to failure, of the products that it sells.

Limited Warranty, Used Merchandise: 
H2 warrants all used merchandise that it offers for sale to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of ninety (90) calendar days from the date of sale. Used equipment, if determined to be defective, will, at H2’s sole discretion, be repaired, replaced with equivalent, or the purchase price refunded according to the Refund Policy above. H2 expressly disclaims any implied warranty or any liability for incidental or consequential damages as the result of the use, or inability to use due to failure, of merchandise sold.

MacOutfitters Terms & Conditions for Service Repair Orders

Equipment Receipt
H2 hereby acknowledges receipt from the customer indicated (Customer), for evaluation and/or repair, the equipment listed on the Service Repair Order (SRO) at the time the equipment is received for repair. All cables, peripherals, or accessories must be specifically listed. H2 is not responsible for any equipment not specifically listed on the SRO.

Services Provided
H2 will perform an evaluation on the Equipment to diagnose problems specified by Customer on the SRO. Unless noted otherwise on the front, minor repairs up to and including $75 will be performed as necessary. Repairs totalling over $75 will be diagnosed and Customer will be notified of an estimated cost to repair. Upon approval of the estimate, H2 will complete repairs, and notify Customer when complete. If the repair is declined, H2 will return the Equipment to its original condition, and notify Customer when it is complete.

Manufacturer’s Warranties
New equipment warranties and most extended warranties cover hardware failures only. Specifically not covered are software incompatibilities, third party software bugs, set-up errors, software installation and data recovery. These are billable services even for equipment covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. For Equipment purchased from H2, for which H2 is not authorized to perform warranty service, we will handle the return of the Equipment to an authorized service center, and bill the Customer only for the direct costs associated with that return (typically only shipping costs) For equipment not purchased from H2, a service charge for expediting the repair will be added to the SRO.

It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain adequate back-ups of all data and original copies of software programs. While H2 will attempt to preserve, or recover data, (per customer request, FEE BASED) we are in no way responsible for loss of data contained on the Equipment. Due to copyright laws, H2 will reinstall software (if desired) on a Customer’s computer only from original program disks supplied by Customer.

Replaced Parts Policy
H2 uses industry and manufacturer’s accepted methods of repair including use of equivalent-to-new exchange parts and whole unit exchanges as provided by the hardware manufacturer. Replaced parts become the property of H2 or the hardware manufacturer.

Charges (specific charges are available in H2 Service Departments)
Hardware repairs and software installation and troubleshooting are billed at our hourly rate, plus parts and materials. There is a minimum labor charge for any Equipment checked in for service. For refused estimates, there is a $75 diagnostic charge. There is a handling charge for return of Equipment to a third party warranty repair center. Storage charges will be levied, beginning 10 days from completion of repair. There is an additional travel charge for on-site service, depending on distance.

Responsibility for Equipment
H2 is not responsible for Equipment left after 30 days from completion of repairs. 
A $5/day storage fee will be charged for any equipment not picked up within 10 days of notification of repair completion. Equipment not picked-up within 90 days from completion of repair will be disposed of.

Repairs performed by H2 are covered by a 90-day Parts and Labor Warranty, effective from the date of completion. This warranty applies only to parts replaced and does not cover other hardware parts in the Equipment, or software issues. H2 expressly disclaims any implied warranty or any liability for incidental or consequential damages as a result of the use, or inability to use due to failure for any reason, of the equipment serviced.